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“Todos los caminos llevan a Roma. Siete veces el mismo camino te guiará hacia un mundo más allá de la imaginación” (Avantasia Parte 1)

Hoy emitimos la segunda parte de la ficción sonora Avantasia-La búsqueda de la luz a las 23h. en El Vuelo del Fénix de Radio 3 www.radio3.es Es una historia mágica, un fantástico viaje espiritual hacia el conocimiento a través de la filosofía.


El cantante de Edguy Tobias Sammet creó el proyecto paralelo a su banda Avantasia. Sus dos primeros discos fueron The metal opera Pt. I y Pt.II. El pasado diciembre en El Vuelo del Fénix de Radio 3 (de lunes a jueves a las 23h.) emitimos la ficción sonora basada en el primer disco denominando la historia "Avantasia- La búsqueda de la luz". La idea partió de nuestro compañero Juan Morello, técnico de sonido de RNE y periodista que colabora con el pájaro de fuego. Llevó a cabo la traducción de la obra de Tobias Sammet y su adaptación al radioteatro tomándose alguna licencia literaria. Los actores que interpretaron a los personajes de Avantasia fueron nuestros compañeros de los servicios informativos de RNE.


Aquí puedes escuchar la primera parte emitida el 25 de diciembre de 2014.


Traducción del libreto de la obra en inglés para poder seguir la primera parte en el idioma de Shakespeare:



AVANTASIA: Reach out for the light, part 1

Radio adaptation of the Rock-opera created by Tobias Sammet in 2001.

OFF: Maguncia, Holy Roman Empire, Year 1602 AD

SCENE 1: "ELSE VOGLERBON FIRE" Jakob, Gabriel, Else Vogler

-        Sheriff FALK VON KRONBERG: "Jakob, even though you have shown diligence during the trial of Else Vogler Witch there is no need for your apprentice ... .how’s your name?

-        GABRIEL Laymann: Gabriel sir, Gabriel Laymann ...

-        Sheriff FALK: Yes it is, as I said ... it is not convenient to attend the execution of the witch. Not a pretty sight to see ...

-        JACOB, Dominican friar: I understand sir ... is a wise decision. Gabriel, leave ... I'll see you at the monastery.

-        GABRIEL: Yes Father ...

-        Sheriff FALK: but Jacob, as a reward, you can direct him to the Tower of witches ... let him know the status of those poor souls possessed by the devil ... Now I have to endorse your sentence ... See you soon ... friars.

-        JAKOB: Sheriff … (in the distance) Let’s go Gabriel, this way ...


"Screaming increases" .... Sheriff enters to the square and the silence begins....He start to unroll a scroll ....

-        Sheriff FALK: With the power God gives me and making use of the power that holds my position as sheriff of the Maguncia city, I implement the judgment that blames Else Vogler in the most ignominious grievance against our Lord ... witchcraft ... . The decision, ruled by the Court of the Dominican Order was commissioned by the Inquisition to the friars of the order, who yesterday, May 13, 1602 of our Lord Jesus Christ signed that judgment. Therefore, as marking the laws of the Holy Roman Empire, Else Vogler will be burned at the stake unless she surrender the dark arts and beg for mercy ...

-        Sheriff: ok. Daughter of evil spirit of Satan ... you renounce the evil, embrace our Lord Jesus Christ and pleas for mercy????

-        ELSA Vogler: Crying ... I haven’t done anything wrong.

-        Sheriff: I will only repeat it once again!!! .... You renounce the evil, embrace our Lord Jesus Christ and pleas for mercy???

-        ELSA Vogler: "I'm not guilty ... .I swear."

-        Sheriff FALK: "Blasphemy are done!!! ... Executioner!!! Proceed ... ..

-        ELSA Vogler: Nooooooo ... .I curse Sheriff Falk von Kronberg ...!!!!. You will see your own blood gushing down from your body ....I swear!!!!!!!

 OFF: Monastery of Dominican monks of Maguncia.


SCENE 2: "MONASTERY-TOWER OF THE WITCHES" Jakob, Gabriel and Anna ... (Gabriel and Jakob coming to the Tower) ...

-        JAKOB: "As you see, Gabriel, your behavior surprised us all during the trial, the strength you showed during the witch’s exorcise. You've earned good allies in the sky, young apprentice ... but an enemy in hell ... .. "

-        GABRIEL: "Thank you Master, but I don’t think it was anything exceptional ..."

-        JAKOB: "Your reward is well deserved, Gabriel ... Take the key, go to the Tower of witches and look carefully ... soon you will be the responsible of all these shady business ... I'm getting old for this much tension ... go boy .... I'll go to the library ... I need to read a little and pray to our Lord ...

-        GABRIEL: "Ok Father, I will do as you order ... but ... I wonder if  Elsa Vogler was really possessed ... seemed rather upset about something ...

-        JAKOB: "Do not think about it, no one knows what dark torment might be going under to ally with the devil ... Nobody knows now ... There is no solution ... Good luck Gabriel.

-        GABRIEL: "(small mouth) That's not the answer I was looking for, but .... Thank Father, see you at the dinner time ....

SCENE 3: TOWER, GABRIEL and ANNA (open the door, climb stairs ... screaming ... .steps ... . metal bars beats….)

-        GABRIEL: "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name ... ... both on earth and in heaven ... Thy kingdom ....

-        ANNA: "That voice, that voice I recognize it ... is that you? Little Gabriel ....

-        GABRIEL: "Who is this? Who has pronounced my name? .... (Metal bumps)

-        ANNA: "It is you, yeah, Gabriel ...Don’t you recognize me? I am your step sister, I mean your sister, your sister, Gabriel ... remember me or maybe you forgot me ???

-        GABRIEL: "Anna? Are you Anna? Nooooooooooooo, it cannot be ... what have you become ??? You are one of them, another witch?

-        ANNA: "No baby, no ... I'm not a witch, Gabriel ... you must believe me ... they look ... they want something of mine ... that book ...  (she fades).

-        GABRIEL: "Annaaaa !!!!!" Anna, answer!!! It cannot be ... I know you're not one of them, sister .... Jailer!!!!! Take care of her and try to remain her dignified!
(Runs out of there ...)

-        ANNA: "Come back !!! Gabriel, you have to get me out of here .... "


SCENE 4: MONASTERY LIBRARY, Jakob, Gabriel ... (Book ...)

OFF: Monastry Library

JAKOB IS READING A BOOK….Gabriel burst into…

-        JAKOB: "All roads lead to Rome ... but 7 times the same path will lead you to a world beyond imagination ...."

-        GABRIEL: "Father! (Closes the book ... and puts it away)

-        JAKOB: (stutters) "But son, what are you doing here?

-        GABRIEL: Father! I need your help ... I come from the Tower, there must be a confusion ... it's impossible ...

-        JAKOB: "Relax Gabriel, for all the saints, what happens?

-        GABRIEL: Anna ... Anna Held ... she is prey ... It´s impossible Father ... Anna is my sister, she is, she knows me ...

-        JAKOB: "Your sister…how it comes, Gabriel Laymann ?

-        GABRIEL: "Yes, Anna always used the old name of our mother ... Father, you have to help me, Anna is not a witch ... there must be some mistake ... Let me look at the files ....

-        JAKOB: (kind of pissed by the intrusion) "Be calm Gabriel I precisely was reviewing the Else Vogler’s one when you broke without permission into the library ... Needless to remind you the rules of the monastery, right?"

-        GABRIEL: "Yes, Father Jakob ... Sorry ... But will you help me?

-        JAKOB: "You're a good boy ... I'll see what I can do .... Now go to your bedroom "

-        GABRIEL: "Ok, father ..."

-        JAKOB: "Gabriel?"

-        GABRIEL: "Tell me father ...”

-        JAKOB: "The             tower’s key ... give it back !!! ...

(He gives it and leaves)


(Gabriel leaves…..thinks….)

-        GABRIEL: "... 7 times the same path will lead you to a world beyond imagination ... I've heard that before ... but when? To whom? Are echoes of another time ... .yes! That is, is what Anna told me as a child when she red to me before bed ... But what was Jakob doing by reading an Anna’s story? .... And what they have to do with the files of Else Vogler witch? .. . Now that I think about it, I never saw those files .... I must return to the library ... as soon as I can ... "


OFF: Dominicans’ Library, midnight


SCENE 5:. LIBRARY (3 hours later) Gabriel enters the library ... .finds the book at Jakob's stay….

-        GABRIEL: "It is unmistakable ... .the size of the book reveals it, is this ... (cough ... dust, blows) ... No title!! How strange ... I do not understand .... (Passing leaves) expects ... yeah here it is ... "All roads lead to Rome ... 7 times the same path will lead you to a world beyond imagination" .... (finds a post letter) what's this? An Open Letter ... (opens it and reads) "Dear Elsa, I heard that the book was sold by him to a north trader. You have to recover it, is ours. You know what that means to us. It is our light and the light of our fellowmen. It should not fall into the wrong hands. Please traces the merchant, he will arrive at Maguncia during the summer fair ... You have to make with it. I'll meet you there. Always yours, Lugaid. "... What does this mean? Will he refer to the one of this year? A moment, just after it was when I was ordered to open the proceedings against Else Vogler ... Is it just a coincidence? ... This is complicating by moments, I'll get out of here ... I hope no one saw me come in here.

OFF: The next morning, in the courtyard of the Monastery.


SCENE 6: PATIO MONASTERY (in the morning):

(Prayers, morning, birds, roosters ... steps ....) Gabriel is getting closer to the fountain to wash his hands ... Water ... he rubs ...

-        Gabriel: "Damn, what happens? Why do not these black spots dissapear? Where did they come from?

-        Jakob (greets him in the back with a tap, suddenly): Gabriel, do not be scared it’s me ...

-        Gabriel: "Father” (restless)

-        Jakob: "Son, I want you to forgive me for my behavior yesterday in the library ... I was engrossed preparing the audience with His Holiness, Pope Clement VII in Rome ... As you know, tomorrow the delegation of the diocese of Maguncia goes to the Eternal city and I wanted to review all the case reports of Else Vogler. His Holiness has placed special interest in this case. I wanted to read that strange book for the last time before taking it to the Vatican ...readings and more readings son ... Forgive me, I didn’t knew how to treat you properly ... "

-        Gabriel: "Brother Jakob, you don’t have to apologize (and shakes his hands + taps his back)

-        Jakob: "Wait, Gabriel .... Show me your hands! Now!

-        Gabriel: "Ah, sorry ... yes, they are a little stained ....

-        Jakob: "Listen everyone !!! And you especially, Gabriel Laymann !!! Raise your hands, novice! I want you all to see the sign of the Black Death on you. You were alone in the library and  without permission! You have broken the sacred law of this monastery. And thou hast a horrendous offense by reading the forbidden book. The perfidious soul of Satan has been carved into your hands and now you will be punished, Gabriel Laymann. Friendship doesn’t matter when a betrayal is judged. Now your site is in the bowels of Earth ...... And pray to God to forgive you and not to sentence your soul the blackness of darkness! Take him to the Tower’s dungeon!

-        Gabriel: "No no, father Jakob ... I have not done ... .. (Taking him ...)


SCENE 7: DUNGEON (shared cell)


-        VANDROY: "What is happening these days in Maguncia that the novices of their own order are imprisoned !!?? Hahahaha ... What mystery hide in these practices so ... so ... Inquisition .... "" You've been three days without speaking ... have you taken a vow of silence or are you thinking? If so, you think a lot and do little, you should be more effective.

-        GABRIEL: "Shut up, for God's sake! I'm in no mood to listen to nonsense of anyone. Someone like you will never understand what is happening here!

-        VANDROY: "Someone like me, haughty novice? What and who presuppose that I am?

-        GABRIEL: "Having profuse beard in a dark cell does not make you look like a sage, but a beggar or a magician overcome by madness ...."

-        VANDROY: "Hahahaha ... let me “his holiness "taunt your stupidity, then close to a  wizard I am, and if I'm not, born in the land of Druids I were. So, your ignorance has brought you to a point closer to reality ... It's funny, right? That know means being aware of the vast territory of ignorance… hahahaha.

-        GABRIEL: "Leave me alone, you do not understand."

-        VANDROY: "Ahhh ... Gabriel, we will spend a long time here together. I hope we will start fast to get along, otherwise this is going to be very long.

-        GABRIEL: "Wait, how do you know my name?"

-        VANDROY: "Uh ... yeah ... how I do not know ... Even in the dungeons we speak of the young novice who ordered the killing of the witch ... how not to forget, Gabriel Laymann ... and if this explanation does not serve you also heard the accusation made by Fr. Jakob against you in the monastery’s courtyard, it could be heard even in a parallel world.

-        GABRIEL: "EH ?? ...

-        VANDROY "Hey Gabriel, do not be surprised ... What were you looking at in the library?

-        GABRIEL: "A book, Mr. Wizard! What else will be otherwise?

-        VANDROY: "Do not play dumb with me boy, you have much more to lose ...

-        GABRIEL: "Why do you say that?

-        VANDROY: "Hey, tell me !!!! How was the book that got you so nervous, friend?

-        GABRIEL: "Let me go, was a broad book, very heavy, ... and a leather profuse lid with a golden triangle in the center protruding from the book ... it was weird, it was written in a foreign language ... I only understood something about" seven roads, an imaginary world ...

-        VANDROY: "... All roads lead to Rome ... but 7 times the same path will lead you to a world beyond imagination. Yes, I know. I've heard of it …"

-        GABRIEL: "... And I, when I was little. My sister Anna always recite me this phrase before she read me right before falling asleep and now that phrase, in this book, has led the soul of Else Vogler into the domains of the devil and my own sister, Anna Held, to be accused of witchcraft ... it cannot be! Anna is not a witch ... I do not know what has that book but I swear that Anna is not a witch ... And now, from here, I cannot help her...

-        VANDROY: "The Pope has echoed of the matter? Come on boy, we gotta get out of here "

-        GABRIEL: "Yes old, the book is poised to Rome ... and why do I care? My sister is about to be burned at the stake and you worry whether your holiness has learned from the implementation of ... A WITCH? "

-        VANDROY: "Shut up fool and still asking questions yourself ... with some luck you will begin to really learn things ... Follow my steps, you will not regret ...


OFF: Meanwhile, somewhere near Milan...

(caravan horses FALK, BICKEN, JAKOB and mercenaries order)

SCENE 8: CARRIAGE (Falk von Kronberg, Bishop Johann von Bicken)

-        Sheriff FALK: "Excellency, do you feel ... how do you say, ehh ... swollen with glory to lead this delegation to Rome ... as a reward to the faithful work of purifying humanity ... huh? Hehehe. "

-        Bishop Bicken: (wrong format disgusting) "Falk, you are as shallow as good obedient Sheriff ... but in the realm of thought you have less light than a pirate ship ..."

-        Sheriff FALK :"( growls) ... Bishop Bicken, what's gotten into him?"

-        Bishop Bicken: "I worry about the insistence of the pope to have that book ... I suspect it's the only thing that really matters, not our purifiers merits ..."

-        Sheriff FALK: "What has the yellow cloth that seduces you all?"

-        Bishop Bicken: "No one knows, but everyone suspects it is the key to maximum illumination ... the way to the lord ... (absolute power) ..."

-        Sheriff FALK: "You, the bishop, live in another world ... no one understands you ...."

-        Obipo Bicken: "You do not understand anything! That devil machine is the printer that is approaching the forgotten pagan culture to men and they are losing their faith in the Holy Church and its writings ... Anyone can now write and edit what they please without any control speeding the Malignant work of getting us away from God ... We are losing the battle with Satan and that book, if the prophecy is true, it can govern our destinies according to the will of the Lord ... that book, sheriff, is the absolute power! ...”

-        Sheriff FALK: "Absolute power ... sounds good ... The bishop fears the Pope dominates the Church at his will? ..."

-        Bishop Bicken: "The bishop fears that the pope reigns in the Church, in this world and in the other ..."

-        Sheriff FALK: "How in the other world? Jummm !!! Now the Pope wants to reign in hell too ... look at it !!! ??? "

-        Bishop Bicken: "don’t want to know everything. Knowledge must be a limit to minds like yours ... "

-        FALK: (growls)


OFF: 3 days later….Gabriel and Druid’s cell



-        VANDROY: "Wake up Gabriel, it's time, we cannot waste any more time ...

-        GABRIEL: "Eh ... what’s happenning? See old, what do you want now? "

-        VANDROY: "Shut up and listen to me! You'll do what I say, got it? When the jailer comes to bring bread you will approach to him a little more than usual. He will not suspect of you, as he rears his arm with the bread you will catch him hard. Hold him as if the life of your dear Anne depended on it...

-        GABRIEL: "Eh ??!! Are you crazy, Druid ???!!!!

-        VANDROY: "Shut Up! My name is VANDROY !! I'll manage to take the keys to get us out of this cave ... clear?

-        GABRIEL: (aware that he is going to break the law ...) "clear!"

-        VANDROY: "Chissss ... .Let’s go, here comes!"

(Sounds metal bars)

-        Jailer "Novice, warlock ... .."

-        VANDROY: "Now" (buffeted, stroke and keys)

-        Jailer "Aaaaahhhhrrrgg!

-        VANDROY: "It's time, Gabriel. Let's run away !!!! "


OFF: Meanwhile, Vatican City, Rome.


SCENE 10: ROME, VATICAN (Vatican delegation, Pope, Bishop Bicken, Sheriff Falk)

City effect, carriages, Swiss guard (hits as they stand at attention) .... Camerlengo ...

-        CAMERLENGO: "Bishop von Bicken Sheriff of Maguncia and others .... Please kindly accompany me. Pope Clement VIII will receive you an hour after the last Mass in the afternoon, as it was told. How was the trip?

-        BISHOP Bicken: "The belief in the Lord has made us to be patient, another thing is that patience is a virtue that is acquired as time passes ..."

-        CAMERLENGO: "I understand, it may be that your company will not have enlivened you the journey?"

-        BISHOP Bicken: "Cameeeeeerleeennngoooo ... As you know, the issue that brings us here would require a lifetime devoted to reflection ...

-        CAMERLENGO: "And I suppose that the case that made you reflect have been brought immaculate, isn’t that truth Bishop??? Please Johann do not make me ask you ...

-        BISHOP Bicken: "Take, I trust that it will arrive into the hands of His Holiness as I give it.”

-        CAMERLENGO: "Bad reputation we have the occupants of this post outside the Vatican, but here, I remind you that the Camerlengo are the eyes, hands and mouth of who reigns on earth ... Your secret is our secret, and all you get you've to share. Do not forget, bishop. No crave more than that to which it can aspire ... See you at the dinner my dear guests "

-        BISHOP: "Until dinner, host ...


SCENE 11. CONVERSATION LUGAID-GABRIEL (panting, running… litter.. they stop ...)

-        GABRIEL: "Stop Vandroy!!! We can not keep running away from the city. We must return to Maguncia. I have to take Anne out of cell ...

-        LUGAID: Don’t be dumb Gabriel, at this time, even the garrison of the Emperor will be looking for you to take you into the heart of darkness ... Where neither the filth that surrounds Anne may feed on your dead body ...

-        GABRIEL: Old man, you do not understand !!!!! Anne is my sister, I haven’t see her in 10 years ... I remember like it was yesterday when we parted. It is like a canvas retained in a moment in time that incites my imagination when I think about it ... It's a vast, intense love, growing from the hand of time ... It seemed that this could not stop ... until my father decided to take me to the Dominicans ... And today this novice Vandroy, has so dry and sad heart that he will not relent in the effort to rescue Anne, my sister ...

-        LUGAID: Whoever does not understand what's happening here is you, young apprentice of anything ...Have you ever thought about why your father took you to the monastery? ... You think, really, young novice, the love you feel for Anne is the love between siblings? ... ..While your friend Jakob and Bishop are pending in that book, Anne is safe ... There will not be process ... they should keep her alive ...

-        GABRIEL: But what are you saying?

-        LUGAID: The book that robbed Else Vogler and Anne certainly knew is in fact a door to another world, Gabriel ... And that's what concerns us now, novice! The book that the Pope has now is a double-edged sword. It is the entrance to a spiritual and luminous world, transcendence that appealed to the sages in ancient times, is the resting place of our soul. No wandering bodies and souls wandering, Avantasia is the place where the beautiful in humanity lies ... But the world responds to whom and for what reasons go inside, so it's a double-edged sword ... It is a source of wisdom, and should be transmitted by teaching and civilization but in the power of the Church doors will be closed forever. They monopolize its use, block its way, Avantasia will be forgotten and humanity will descend into the obtuse darkness of ignorance ... You know well who is the bishop Bicken, murderer of women, his acolyte the cruel Sheriff and Pope Clement VIII ... what a paradox, Clemente ... His mission is not to find the truth, Gabriel, they want to use the power of another world to enslave humanity. It will be the end of freedom!

-        GABRIEL: The Holy Father? Does he also knows the secret?

-         LUGAID: Sometimes I doubt if you are naive or stupid, boy ... Of course he knows. He is the one who has sent apprehend Else Vogler and his daughter to steal the book. He already owns the other 6 books and looks forward for the bishop to deliver the 7th ... "All roads lead to Rome ... Remember what your sister recite, Gabriel? .... Departed 10 days ago. Should already be in Rome ... we have to reach them, Gabriel. Let's see ... There's only one solution ....

-        GABRIEL: Wait, old Vandroy! Ehh eh (stammers) Else Vogler had a daughter? Why have you talked about my father? And Anne, why do you pronounce her words?

-        LUGAID: Shut up !!


SCENE 12. POPE CLEMENT VIII, BISHOP von Bicken (dinner scene)

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Please take a seat ... Sorry to keep you waiting but there are many issues that demand my attention ... these turbulent times. I hope your trip was of your delight and that the Emperor's troops have escorted you properly ... friends are an asset that we must preserve and love,  isn’t that truth Bishop von Bicken? "

-        BISHOP: "That’s right, Holy Father."

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Then, why did you resisted to give me the book, Bishop? You know the powers of every Camerlengo, needless to remember them ... "

-        BISHOP: "No Father, there was no resistance, just waiting to give it in person. I was surprised at the request of the prelade. "

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Dear friend, now is not the time to think about internal key. I know your ambitions, Cardinal Johann von Bicken. Someday you will be the successor of Peter, do not hesitate ... In fact I'm already ordering personally for that to happen ... you understand bishop?

-        BISHOP: "Thank you, Your Holiness ..."

-        POPE CLEMENT: "But to make this happen you must serve me well ...you are going through the paths of the Lord with me. You will take me to him, you will come with me ... And feel privileged, Johann.

-        BISHOP: "Father? What are you talking about?

-        POPE CLEMENT, "Bishop Bicken, the book you had in your hands is the last of the seven parts of a seal, required to access a parallel, spiritual and luminous world called Avantasia. According to prophecy, those who bear the stamp of the 7 sacred books of illumination to the center of Avantasia will reach wisdom, enlightenment and the supreme truth. You know what that means, bishop?

-        BISHOP: "Holy Father, explain it!

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Wisdom, supreme enlightenment and truth come together in a single vertex, which is Almighty God. Bring all 7 books to Avantasia is to renew the covenant with our Lord. Like Moses, Johann von Bicken ... done to rule Earth in his name. The maximum illumination is the supreme power, bishop. The supreme power.

-        BISHOP BICKEN: "And how will we get to Avantasia, Holy Father?

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Leave it in my hands. Tomorrow at dawn introduce yourself here with your sheriff. You will come with me and my guard.

OFF: At dawn, on the suburbs of Maguncia



-        LUGAID: "Gabriel, Gabriel wakes ... Let’s go novice ... I have not hit so hard ... Let’s go guy!

-        GABRIEL: (Stunned ... ..) eh eh ... What happened ?! Where am I?

-        LUGAID: "Quiet, you're safe with me ... you've only been ... mmm ... sleeping for a while ... Assimilating this much information (funny mood)

-        GABRIEL: "Ahhhh! My head hurts!”

-        LUGAID: "That happen because you asked the questions that you should not, fool !!!

-        GABRIEL: "Why this so verbal aggression?”

-        LUGAID: "If you knew .... Let it go Gabriel, something is wrong ... Can’t you tell?

-        GABRIEL: "I do not know what you're talking about, Druid ... Did you have something of yours for breakfast?”

-        LUGAID: "Today the sky has another color, is more subdued than usual, the birdsong is more serious ... Smell the forest, feel it Gabriel ... Don’t you perceive anything strange?”

-        GABRIEL: "No Vandroy, but ..."

-        LUGAID: "What little spirituality the religious has ... you have lost much time in the monastery ....”

-        ELDERANE: (VOICE from beyond) "Who are wasting time in dialectical games is my old friend the druid Vandroy ...

-        LUGAID: "Wait, Gabriel ...That voice! Oh yeah! Elllllllllllllderaneeee !!! Old friend .... But….How ????”

-        ELDERANE: "Leave the kid alone and act in haste. Pope Clement and his ecclesiastical entourage head towards Avantasia. They must be stopped and only the boy can do it.”

-        LUGAID: "Wait a minute! How is it possible? How you broke through the door?”

-        ELDERANE: "Every second I talk to you decades of my life are lost, so listen well and executed my orders. We have no time, Vandroy. The eternal beauty of Avantasia and life on Earth are in danger. You have to transcend Gabriel to Avantasia. Head over to the tree that there is behind you. The wider of the two ..Get into its cavity, is the intersection between the two worlds. Is enough stunned to achieve the balance that makes crossing the threshold ...

-        LUGAID: "It is impossible!? Eldeerane, the boy is not ready yet!”

-        GABRIEL: "What is that voice? Is that a trick, druid? "

-        LUGAID: "Hush boy!"

-        ELDERANE: "Trust him, eventually, he will know how. He will succeed. Just get him to focus on his love for Anne. It is pure and intense enough. You got it that way ... or is that Else and Anne are so different?”

-        LUGAID: "But Elderane..."

-        ELDERANE: "So .... Eventually, lend him your necklace, belongs to Avantasia ... we will use it to recognize his soul and reincarnate him in a body that will ensure the recovery of the book. With its new look ... no one will doubt him. Haste Lugaid, eternity can not wait. "

-        LUGAID: "Yes, old friend, but wait a moment ... When inside, allow me to communicate with him. Only through you I could.”

-        ELDERANE: "I hope that's not necessary."

(Elderane voice fades)


OFF: Meanwhile, in the Catacombs of Rome)



-        POPE CLEMENT: "Ready Bishop Johann von Bicken to make history? A new alliance with our Almighty Lord will be sealed to unite heaven and earth with all its power ... Nervous, bishop?

-        BISHOP BICKEN: "Are you sure, Holy Father, Jesus and Peter's successor on the throne that will happen what you presuppose?"

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Would perceive the fear of the bishop of Maguncia even though we were not in the sewers of Rome... Caaaaaaaaaaaaamerlengo, the book please!”

-        CAMERLENGO: "Here is it, Father."

-        POPE CLEMENT: "The infinite power of God penetrates the heart of the Church to rule the Earth as an extension of heaven ... Let us enter into the ways of the Lord".



-        LUGAID: "Gabriel! You've heard the potentate Elderane, governor of Sensidbana and spiritual leader of Avantasia. You have to transcend to Earth and penetrate Avantasia to retrieve the book ..”

-        GABRIEL: "But, I? How to transcend?”

-        LUGAID: "It's what you've been looking for all your life ...why, if not, pray a lot, be in communion with nature and seek purity of spirit? If you have lived along these lines, it's time to see the results ...”

-        GABRIEL: "I do not know if I can, Vandroy ... Lately I just raging fears and not glimpse a ray of light in this story. I do not understand what I'm doing here and why I'm not looking for my sister ... I am playing heroes and she is suffering in prison ... "

-        LUGAID: "The love you feel for Anne is the means to enter Avantasia, Gabriel. You know that your love for her breaks the borders of your own family and you do not know why. Let it flow, only in that way you will understand. Anne's fate is closely linked to Avantasia and therefore you. Wear this necklace, lie, focus on Anne all the intensity of your love and see ... You'll make it, I also got it that way.”

-        GABRIEL: But if you get it once, why you can not return you to Avantasia and save the world?”

-        LUGAID: Because the beauty of my love died with her at the stake. And the guilty will now be in Avantasia. Even you, novice ... (crappy emphasis) ... The death of Else Vogler inoculated the poison of hatred in my heart. Your desire to save her, is our only hope.”

-        GABRIEL: Else Vogler was your wife? Then??? I? !!! Ehhh That's impossible ... !!!! You are lying!”

-        LUGAID: Gabriel, listen to your heart ... Now is not the time for recriminations, we will making accounts you and me ... !! Think of Anne ... everything is in your intuition ... Relax…, think of Anne. I will ensure your body in Earth ... Free your soul through your love ......

(Transition to Avantasia...)

-        REGRIN: "Welcome Gabriel .... Here, yeah !! I'm here ... .open your eyes ...”

-        GABRIEL: "Who speaks to me? Is that you?”

-        REGRIN: "Not here! The one who you are point out is you, Gabriel. It's your new body. Your soul came into Avantasia and we gave you this body. You feel lighter, right?”

-        GABRIEL: "This is ... is ... I do not recognize myself... I feel light ... and ah (attached) this ear! These ears ...  am I now an elf? "

-        ELDERANE: "That’s right Gabriel. I introduce myself, I am Elderane, you know my voice. Do not fear for your new body, has not spent his life praying. It will serve you well. I introduce you to Regrin. He will guide you through Avantasia to the Tower Avantasia. Friends of faith are already close. You must avoid to shed the label to the domains of the Tower. Take advantage of your new look, nobody will suspect you. Grab the seal! Run, you have no time to lose! Go to the Tower!”

-        REGRIN: "Let’s go Gabriel, this way ...."

-        GABRIEL: "Wait!”

-        ELDERANE: "Quick! To the Tower !!!! Freedom of both worlds depends on you!”




-        POPE CLEMENT: "You feel it, Bishop? The presence of the Almighty Lord increases as we approach to that Tower.

-        Bishop: "I'm sure it's there from which comes, yes Father!

-        POPE CLEMENT: "This is where the essence of God lies. This is where we seal the Covenant, Bishop Bicken ....

(fx grave sound)

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Do everyone hear it? Do you perceive it as me? The powerful voice that everything can .... It becomes intelligible ... listen!

-        THE VOICE: "My children, come to me! Those that have traveled to me searching for the light. Come to the Tower. I’m waiting you from the beginning of time. Come to me and I will deliver you the power! "

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Hasten! Hurry up! We're almost there!



-        GABRIEL: "It's amazing this body, this speed!”

-        REGRIN: "Learn to use it, you will need it!”

-        GABRIEL: "What was that? And that voice?”

-        REGRIN: "Run faster! It is the voice of the Tower, knows that the seal is near. He is attracting them, they will reach the walls of the Tower soon!”

-        GABRIEL: And why me, Regrin?”

-        REGRIN: "You have been chosen, Gabriel! We, the avantasians are not allowed to fight or meddling in the affairs of men.”

-        GABRIEL: Me the chosen one?”

-        REGRIN: "Your mind woke up on time and was not carried away by the blood lust that dominates those who pray to the Lord. You decided to welcome you to the path of philosophy and we knew it through Vandroy ... He was always very close to you ... even though you condemn the love of his life to the stake!”

-        GABRIEL: "Nooo! So it is true?! How is that possible?! He will never forgive me and even though he still help save Anne ...”

-        REGRIN: "Now is time for action, not thinking! Run, you have to recover the seal to save us ... .and you!”




-        POPE CLEMENT: "Dear brothers! We are facing the walls that guard the abode of the Lord. According to prophecy what is in there is the source of all divine wisdom and, therefore, the essence of our almighty lord. Thus it is written in the 7 books that guard the way to Avantasia, the world of light. And we are here because his voice has guided us from the darkness of Rome. It's time to seal the covenant with our almighty lord .... It's time to unleash the power of their being involved ...”

-        THE VOICE: "At last you have come to me. After a long journey through time now you present to reimburse the 7 parts of the stamp consummate our covenant. To do this you must throw the books on the walls that you have in front of you. "

-        POPE CLEMENT, "Bishop Bicken! To me those books! "

-        BISHOP BICKEN: "The books, hand them over to the Holy Father!”

(Entourage moves chest) ....

-        REGRIN: "Oh no! They are already delivering the seal! Run Gabriel. It's time. The future of civilization is in your hands. You must take possession of at least the 7th seal! Remember that you possess the body of an elf ... You can do it, Gabriel! Come on!”

-        GABRIEL: "Meet me where you found me, I will return to the book."”

(Fx leaving in silence)

-        POPE CLEMENT: "... I give you the sixth, sir ...”

-        THE VOICE: "Now throw the last. Sheds on the walls the 7th seal, the eternal covenant of light !!!!!! Do not waste time! Throw it now!”

-        POPE CLEMENT: "Yes, but Father ... What about the prophecy? What about your reward: the supreme enlightenment, knowledge and the power to defend your kingdom on earth with an iron fist? What about the prophecy of absolute power?”

-        THE VOICE: "Throw the seallllllll"

-        GABRIEL: "Nooooooo ...That book does not belong to you !! You are making a mistake!

-        POPE CLEMENT: "The seal !!! He stole the seal! Guards! Catch him !!!”

-        THE VOICE: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. To me the seal! I command you retrieve the seal for me! Whoe to you who came to for wisdom ... Wretched you searching for the light! Give back what's mine or you'll end up burning tonight!”

-        REGRIN: "Let’s go Gabriel, we're almost safe ....”

-        GABRIEL: "Regrin! We succeeded! I have the seal! I've fulfilled my end of the bargain. Now I return to Earth to search for Anne...”

-        REGRIN: "I'm afraid not, you hear that? Just release the angels that guard the books. 6 of them will chase us until they get the last seal. For now we will take refuge in the house of Elderane in Sensidbana, the capital of Avantasia. There we will be safe ... for now ...”



-        LUGAID: "Elderane! I am Lugaid! Why have you lied to me? Why did not you tell me he's back? Elderaaaaaane! We carried Gabriel to the very gates of hell. Freedom of Anne is delayed ... He is my last hope to rest in peace...

-        ELDERANE: "Old Lugaid, tell the truth would have been counterproductive ... This story is not over yet ... The 7 Angels will be released soon, 6 will try to destroy us to retrieve the seal, but without the 7th their forces will be depleted ... They should not find it. The secret must remain hidden, thats why Gabriel should not abandon Avantasia. Take good care of your body, Lugaid. Everything is playing ...."


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Como a vosotros, nuestros oyentes, os gustó tanto esta ficción sonora y dado que la historia tenía segunda parte decidimos ponernos manos a la obra para ponerla en escena, en la escena del radioteatro contando el mismo equipo. Hoy 29 de abril de 2015 emitimos la segunda parte a las 23horas en Radio 3 www.radio3.es luego estará disponible el podcast en rtve.es/elvuelodelfenix


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ESC 1: The Jakob’s plot.

OFF: Undercity dungeon of the monastery of the Dominican monks of Maguncia. May 1602 A.D. Hours before the novice of the order, Gabriel Laymann, was jailed accused of reading the book forbidden by the Holy Law of the Monastery.

-        JAKOB: "Jailer, come ...I do not want to speak up, I want to make sure what they'll ask to be heard only by your tiny ears ..."

-        JAILER: "Father Jakob, I'm small but my ear is sharp ... tell me" (approaching)

-        JAKOB: "Just as well. Tomorrow will have a new tenant into thy chambers desolate ... Someone has contravened the rules of this monastery and you will pay with a stay at your domains. Thus it is written, and thus should be ...”

-        JAILER: "That's nothing new ... Why have you made me come then?"

-        JAKOB: "(Good), I want that new inmate, Gabriel Laymann, be deprived of his liberty in the same cell as the Druid."

-        JAILER: "Impossible! It is an express order of the bishop of Maguncia, Johann Von Bicken the Druid who speak remain isolated in his cell. "

-        JAKOB: "Listen, jailer ... You depend on me here. Without my permission you have no choice to leave the darkness of your dungeon. Your cries, by sharp they are, can not penetrate the walls of the monastery ...

-        JAILER: "Grrrrrrr ... I never thought that a monk could be a tyrant ..."

-        JAKOB: "You're not in a position of strength, Jailer. In addition, your conduct is equally spurious ... just based on this. Accept my generosity and proceed with cunning; (take money) not only want to share Druid Gabriel and loneliness, I know you try to flee and you have to make it easy.”

-         JAILER: "But how?

-        JAKOB: Be lenient with the boy, the wily Druid will use it to devise a plan. You let yourself go and nobody suspected. Do you understand ?, if this just as I expected, have a greater reward ...”

-        JAILER: "That Druid is too old to flee, Jacob. It will not, their behavior is outstanding ... why run? "

-        JAKOB: "That Druid, Jailer, is a shadow wandering round the monastery in a while ... The first time I saw him was when the novice that I will bring you tomorrow, joined the Dominica Order ... Right after his father handed us when still a child, Gabriel Laymann appeared ... and here follows since ... I do not know why no connection between them but I guess that will guide me towards solving this puzzling maze ... I have to follow his footsteps ....

-        JAILER: "I do not sell for a handful of coins, father Jakob. My mission is to illuminate the darkness. "

-        JAKOB: "Do not say nonsense, Jailer.You are a man of weak mind. It acts as the Lord wishes and have another life to preach strength, and honor ...... hahaha. "

-        JAILER: "If my soul is burned which I will resurge phoenix from my ashes ..."

-        JAKOB: jajajajjajajajajaa. Do what I ask for the love of God ... and see that no one suspected.



OFF: AVANTASIA, THE REACH OF LIGHT. PART II. It is produced by National Radio of Spain based on the original work of the German musician Tobias Sammet.

OFF: Before the universe existed, He was there ... He was the time, infinite and eternal; there was the space. The combination of these elements generated energy. And energy, unstoppable momentum of the creative will, crossed the lines of space and time leaving in the wake of the course material. In a conflagration of matter, the universe was created. The creation in the dawn of time, was governed by a lawless laws put in front perpetual destruction of beauty. The darkness reigned, the darkness was the universe ... So time and space, joint soul of the universe, was defiled by that evil power ... the future of this chaotic and unruly universe followed its own rules.

Being aware of the terrible transformation that was suffering, the soul of the world was divided into three pure essences (knowledge, kindness and willingness) so that, together, they formed a world that might lead to the supreme beauty and balance the energy of the universe. That world is called Avantasia. That was where he secluded himself to heal himself to be surrounded by the supreme beauty: the Tower in the heart of Avantasia was his home ...

ESC 3: Gabriel's Dream (dream)

-        VANDROY: "Gabriel is not elected, he will not get it". "Gabriel, you have to return Avantasia". "You will not achieve to beat him." "Ana is suffering".

-        ANA: "Gabriel ... gotta get me out of here ..." "I love you so much, I miss you so much ... Do not delay, Gabriel, or kill me"

-        VANDROY: "The fire will fall from heaven" "They pursue you until strangle your breath". "Come back to Earth and blocking the entrances to Avantasia"

-        ELDERANE: "Do not listen, Gabriel. Wake up !!! "

-        GABRIEL: "groans, blankets, sheets .... No ... it can not be .... "" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! "" ""


ESC 4: OFF: SENSIDBANA, capital of Avantasia.


-        GABRIEL: What's all that noise ...?.

-        ELDERANE: Gabriel ????? I am Elderane. You have to go down, all the fuss is in your honor. Now you're a hero, Gabriel Laymann ...

-        GABRIEL: Huh ???? What happen?

-        ELDERANE: You've got to return the 7th seal to the world of light. Your intervention against the walls of the tower has been memorable. Avantasia You saved from destruction and men of spiritual darkness. The bridges between Earth and Avantasia still stands. You have prevented the Church lock the doors that allow the transmission of knowledge and wisdom to men. And you would have prevented that HE become flesh ... (melancholy, resigned medium). Be proud, boy! Sensidbana you credit, Gabriel! ...”

-        GABRIEL: "Yeah yeah, now I remember ... (hesitates) ... lock the door ... (speaking low).. Elderane Sorry, I can not go out there. I do not feel well ... "

-        ELDERANE: "What's the matter, Gabriel?"

-        GABRIEL: "I don’t know, I had a horrible dream ... I was not out of my head and now you've said those words ... lock the door ...

-        ELDERANE: "What do you mean, Gabriel?"

-        GABRIEL: "Lock the doors, fire fall from the sky ... and ... Anna! They will kill! I have to go back to Earth, Elderane! Take me with Vandroy! "

-        ELDERANE: "Quiet Gabriel, that you saw in your dream is not real. Trust me!

-        GABRIEL: "No, Elderane want to go back!"

-        ELDERANE: "I should imagine when you asked me to communicate with Gabriel from Earth ... Lugaid Vandroyyyyyyyy! What did you say to Gabriel? Why have you been in your dreams ???

-        VANDROY: "You lied, Elderane! You did not tell me that the Tower was alive again. And Gabriel can not fight him. Why do not you tell the truth about Avantasia? Tell, do not be a coward. Tell him the danger he faces !! Gabriel is not the one!

-        GABRIEL: "What is happening here? Elderane, you have to tell me ... Enough is enough. I've only been a puppet amid disputes between two Smarty grumpy ...

-        VANDROY: "No Gabriel, enter Avantasia has also served to leave unguarded surveillance in Mainz. It is the right time to rescue Anna from his cell. Let Gabriel returns. Come with book and from Earth close the way to Avantasia. We can not jeopardize our world!

-        ELDERANE: "Do not listen, Gabriel! Basically always thought of himself. It was a big mistake on my part so much knowledge and trust of ...

-        VANDROY: "Damn ... do not mention ...

-        GABRIEL: "Enough! I will not keep listening as two friends destroy each other. I do not know your past and present around me ... I do not care ... Avantasia is a world that holds more than it shows. Ana forgive me ... yet I will not return.

-        VANDROY: "Gabriel, fool! No ... do not listen, do you hear that? Look to the horizon ...

-        GABRIEL: "It's true, is fire fall from heaven in my dream ...

-        ELDERANE: "What you described Vandroy is happening ... The power of the Tower is releasing the 7 angels, guarding the 7 seals. I have to prepare the defense of Sensidbana. Gabriel, as thou hast well said, you go your own way. You go with Regin to the Tree of Knowledge.

-        GABRIEL: "The Tree of Knowledge?”

-        VANDROY: "I mean, it is true ... There is a legend .?!”

-        ELDERANE: "No, it is not. And I am convinced that Gabriel will expose the hidden truth ... Regin go with you, Gabriel ...”

-       VANDROY: "No Elderane! He does not ... .and the book? For God's sake, you can not lose. Gabriel has to bring it back ...”

-         ELDERANE: "We'll talk about you and me, Lugaid Vandroy. God Bye! "


ESC 5: History of Avantasia.

-        ELDERANE: "Gabriel! Before leaving listen carefully ... This is the story Vandroy insisted to know ...


Over millions of years, the world soul -infected by evil originally was imprisoned in the Tower that imposing, dominates the skyline of Avantasia. The Tower, divine prison, was isolated by 7 seals and 7 books of wisdom were the key states ... that hid the original evil. The books were distributed to 7 sages, the first 7 beings created in Avantasia, who in their efforts to keep the seals ... were aided by seven angels which kept them ... The Angels, legendary spirits who planted Avantasia lucid, built the seven gates formed the bridge between Earth and Avantasia. The doors have worked -during thousands of years as transmission channels of beauty and knowledge that balanced the negative influence of the natural laws of creation. But the doors would only be traveled by those who held the majority of the 3 pure essences ... Then life began on Earth and, with life, hope to improve the world with the power of pure essences that are Avantasia, knowledge , kindness and willingness ...

With the emergence of human beings on the face of the Earth, the destiny of humanity and Avantasia joined inexorably ...

-        GABRIEL: You have not told me more than superficial evidence (with conviction). I'm surprised that so powerful as the old Vandroy mind let seduced by beautiful words ... This story is a fog that hides the source of true knowledge.

-        ELDERANE: Jem jem ... Now go! A rush, no time to lose!”


ESC 6: OFF: Road to the Tree of Knowledge, wasteland. Loneliness withers. Inhospitable wasteland ...

-        REGION: Gabriel, can not accompany you more!

-        GABRIEL: but ... there is nothing, Regin! We're not there yet ...

-        REGION: Ehhh, Gabriel ... is here, I do not have permission to delve beyond where I am ... I do not see anything, if it's any consolation.”

-        GABRIEL: On the contrary, Regin ... If I am elected and I see the same as someone who has vetoed the passage is that something is wrong ..”


-        GABRIEL: Wait, blue sky seems more intense. Regin, this icy calm is alive, I can feel it ...”

-        REGION: It's like all senses ... ... which is not a feeling that life brings death nested behind him from the moment of his birth ... Poor mortal, what tragic existence ...”

-        GABRIEL: I heard you, Regin! At least you could wish me luck.”

-        REGION: You'll need it!


ESC 7: The priests and the Tower.

OFF: Meanwhile, in the domains of Tower ...

-        THE TOWER: Damned be you, you came in search of wisdom ... Damned be the seekers of light ... How come you steal the last seal?

-        POPE: Almighty God, we, follow the steps ... do not know what creature stole our seal, out of nowhere, was too fast ...”

-        THE TOWER: Shut up already and go in search of seal !!!! Bring me back what's mine or have gone on fire tonight ... Go, bring me the seal!”

-        CAMERLENGO: (takes a step forward) Lord, listen, might know who and how could this ... I need your permission to return to Earth. I swear by the love that I profess that I will not let ...

-        THE TOWER: grin ... hahaha ..... You would be able to imagine, stupid cocky, which'd suffer for eternity if you do not get to please? Madness, pain and endless crying is your conviction if not keep your word. Do not run away, your destiny is mine now. I am the master of your life ... I am your blessing.”

-        CAMERLENGO: Yes Father, Almighty God. I will not fail you.”

-        BISHOP: Damn, that's a lie. That is saying is a lie ...

-        THE TOWER: out of here, damn! Bring me the seal! Now!

-        SHERIFF: Show biz, knave, filibuster ... .say on Earth will find the solution ... no one knows this story ... or yes?”


ESC 8: Release of Angels


-        THE TOWER: grrrr ... .grunes, voices ... I will invoke angels legendary guardians of the 7 seals. I spell your power to break free of the chains that guard my imprisonment ... I know you will not be all of you lack. I show yourselves to me, I want to know which of those who gave the key to my destiny has betrayed me ...

-        THE TOWER: Well ???? I recognize you 6, much time has passed ... (long pause) hahaha ... If you are missing the best of my guardians, the most honorable of all ... How am not surprised that you're the one who betrays me ???? Elllllderaaaneeee !!!!!!

-        ELDERANE: During  my life I have wanted never to hear your voice, father ... or what's left of it ... Do not think I'm going to bow to thee as did my brothers. I am the will, and only the will is unwavering. I'm ready to face it.

-        THE TOWER: Do not take me for a fool, Elderane! Do you intend to deceive me ... What I'm looking for is not you. That would be too obvious on your part ... You stole my seventh seal ...

-        ELDERANE: No idea what you're talking about. I am the custody of the seventh seal !!!

-        THE TOWER: Hahahaha ... .you make me laugh son, be your brothers and their children who destroy you if you do not tell me where you've hidden the angel ...

-        ELDERANE: Listen father, me, father. I am the angel and I will disappear evil that lies in the infamous Tower. I'll make you disappear !!!

-        THE TOWER: Stupid! The men brought me the first 6 stamps and the cowardly thief who stole the seventh had to be one of your sent, Elderane. The avantasians can not meddle in the affairs of men. They have moved me and they alone could destroy me ... This game is played on Earth and I have sent who will kill your aspirations ... Meanwhile, defending your city can entertain my wrath! Go to Sensidbana, Angels, you 6 able resistance from that miserable! Go forth without mercy on the heart of Avantasia ... I want to see the beauty in my eyes ... burn!

-        ELDERANE: This item is also played in the depths of hell ... Fight off the light ... if you can !!!!!!

-        THE TOWER: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!


ESC 9: The ELDERANE request to LUGAID.

-        ELDERANE: Lugaid, my friend !!!!!”

-        LUGAID: What do you want now? Any problem? ... Always you turn to me to solve your issues !!!”

-        ELDERANE: Lugaid, not be pretentious! "We are" (emphasis) in danger. Our secret can not be revealed, Lugaid!”

-        LUGAID: "No! It is not possible!”

-        ELDERANE: "Be careful, move with stealth ... Try one sees you."

-        LUGAID: "Yes, Elderane"

-        ELDERANE: "And ... if necessary ... Trust me, leaving Gabriel's body to his fate ...

-        LUGAID: "Noooo ... .you know very well what that would mean ..."

-        ELDERANE: "Although the consequences are terrible for him ... Do not be caught, old friend ...

-        LUGAID: "Your only defense strategy! What are you trying? It's a gamble too risky! You can condemn Gabriel wandered like a ghost for eternity, formless, life !!!

-        ELDERANE: "Have faith! Gabriel back in time to the depths of his horror ...

-        LUGAID: "I do not know where you've sent, but since I know your tricks, stunts, tricks, Elderane ... just being a perfect being, you can overcome ... And that's impossible.

-        ELDERANE: "Perfection is not a virtue in itself, Lugaid. The will to perfect himself itself is commendable. That's what you came never understand, Lugaid Vandroy ... why the darkest secret of Avantasia yet never was revealed. Hopefully Gabriel himself can access it "

-        LUGAID: "I wish ... Wait, who's there?”


ESC 10: The Tree of Knowledge.

OFF: Gabriel to nowhere ...

-        GABRIEL: (is scary) ... eh! I knew there was something here ... this prior quiet but not transmitting desolation ... Helllllooooww !!!!! Anyone here? Now I'm surrounded by rock .... I still do not see the tree ... how strange, nothing (advancing footsteps, treading strange things ...)

-        TREE: And what are you treading young clumsy?

-        GABRIEL: Eh ??? ... That voice, where it comes from?

-        THE TREE: At the moment I'm asking the questions here. Stick to respond.

-        GABRIEL: To my knowledge kindness is not incompatible with beauty, Avantasia is a strange world ...

-        TREE: Time is against you. The longer you take to respond later out of here ... if you get out…..

-        GABRIEL: And now the door closes, behind me nothing and before me the output closed ... .Goooooddddd), let's play then ... here is dirt and leaves.

-        TREE: Good observer.

-        GABRIEL: Yes I know, is not that difficult. And now what?

-        TREE: I'm still asking the questions.

-        GABRIEL: For questions!

-        TREE: When you take the next step ...

-        GABRIEL: Perfect ... Done.

-        TREE: You're simple, I will endeavor to help a little ... for the good of all ... As to step back from yours, you will fall into the abyss that is hovering in front of you (fx fiuuuu)

-        GABRIEL: Eh !!!!!!! You said step!

-        TREE: But not literal, useless. Gave a first step to observe, but have not concluded anything.

-        GABRIEL: Right, you're right ... if there leaves must have a tree ... where are you?

-        THE TREE: At your side! The truth often is not simple Gabriel view. What we see is merely the consequence of it.

-        GABRIEL: The truth is inferred from reality as the cause of consequence.

-        TREE: Well, check if you have advanced. If you step in the right direction, out of here. If you do not, you will remain locked few years ... as those who came before you ...

-        GABRIEL: Eh! One second! A rock sides, front door ... that's the evidence ... the truth, the cause is inferred ... back! It has to be back! Although it is nowhere!

-        TREE: Now you are ready to look in the mirror ...

-        GABRIEL: Where?

-        TREE: To your left

-        GABRIEL: Ahhh !!!!!!

-        TREE: Great !!!! You've broken instantly ... what image you saw to feel so ashamed of yourself?

-        GABRIEL: My burnt face was not mine ... was the one of Elsa Vogler. The witch I ordered ... I mean, we sentence ... the fire ... Nooo ... What horror ...

-        TREE: Have you seen the state of your soul ... you think Elsa Vogler was a witch?

-        GABRIEL: Be guilty or innocent ... I'm not one to sentence anyone to death ... nooo. Only God can.

-        TREE: And you think that God is foreign to condemn evil if you choose? Neither he gets rid of evil ... There is the Tower, awakes again in these dark times under the influence of evil that intoxicates the Land of horror ... And ye are partakers of this barbarism ....

-        GABRIEL: Nooooo !!!! I'm not them. I made a mistake and somehow I have to make amends ... but then ... first I have to discover the secrets hidden in this world so I could return to Earth to free Anna ...

-        TREE: Maybe it will be early, young Gabriel ... To face the evil, you must first cleanse your soul and that only get confronting your demons ... Come to the lake, take your time, take you to assume what, to you, is advents ...

-        GABRIEL: Yes, thank you Master ... May your wisdom flourish in me ...

-        TREE: Assume the truth with humility and wisdom are essential to fill your heart with kindness. And goodness only strong enough to destroy the evil that lies in the Tower ... "SEARCH THE TRUTH TO FIND ... ... THE FINAL EXPLANATION ... LIGHT IS YOUR GUIDE, GO".


ESC 11: Priest in Neverland ... realize the ruse of the CAMERLENGO.

OFF: Lost in the vastness of Avantasia ...

-        BISHOP: Dog traitor, worthless ... I never doubted that the camerrrleeeennngo will play with us! That calculated arrogance was not imposter ... is believed that it will be possible to get rid of us ... We in an inhospitable environment and he usurped our domain ...

-        SHERIFF: That fox insulted me once ... I swear on my honor that will not do it ...

-        POPE CLEMENT: It is true that bastard has played us ... but do not be led by hatred and try to think a little!

-        SHERIFF: Holiness, we are lost in the middle of nowhere, how can I not get carried away by anger...that bastard!

-        Bishop: Father, forgive ... What happens in this world beyond their capabilities ...

-        SHERIFF: Other ready..!

-        POPE CLEMENT: Shut up!!! You do not realize? Why do you have let her go to our world? The Lord is not only looking for the seal ... If you remember the conversation he said that the seal stole a certain Elderane and is in Sensidbana ... And there has commanded us ...

-        Bishop: Are you saying that there is something in the land that is related to the seal?

-        POPE CLEMENT: Exactly! Bishop, who on earth have accessed the book banned? Let me know ... delegate to the Camerlengo most research ... Come on, who else knows this story?

-        BISHOP: Ehhh, ehh!!! Sure, the father Jacob, guarded the book since I confiscated the witch Elsa Vogler ...

-        POPE CLEMENT: Yes, it all started there ... More Obispo! I want more names!

-        BISHOP: Sure! The young novice who attended the father Jacob in judgment ... Fray Jacob is of ours, but is weak in mind, we may talk to the boy about the existence of the book ...

-        SHERIFF: Your Holiness, you forget the beggar that provoked altercation that resulted in the arrest of Elsa Vogler. That which I commanded remain isolated in prison until they pass judgment ...

-        BISHOP: Thank you, Falk. It's true! That infamous must follow imprisoned in the monastery ...

-        POPE CLEMENT: Change your ways, we are returning to Earth, in Mainz the answer is hidden!! Nobody insist?

-        BISHOP: Nobody, father ... we should review the files of all prisoners ...

-        SHERIFF: Holiness ... I think there's someone else ...”


ESC 12: The Lake.

OFF: Gabriel, the lake and fear ...


-        GABRIEL: What uncertain is all about! What is supposed to be what will happen? (to himself)

-        ELDERANE: Come to the water ... there you will find answers. Be strong, boy! Remember that only the purity of spirit can deal with the evil of the Tower. Be strong Gabriel.

-        GABRIEL: Thank Elderane. Now it's your turn, Gabriel... the light is your guide ...

-        GABRIEL: Noooo, ahh ... .Jakob !!!

-        SPECTRUM WATER: YOUNG JAKOB: Gabriel help me, I'm caught ... hell is the price I have to pay … LUGAID: Have faith my beloved; ELSA VOGLER: Do not want to leave in this world; LUGAID: We must listen to your father. You have to give it. ELSA VOGLER: Nooo Lugaid, this is very risky!

-        GABRIEL: Lugaid and Elsa! It's true! What the ..?!!!

-        JAKOB ... And Jailer ... INSERT PART SCENE: The Plot of Jakob

-        GABRIEL: Noo! Father Jakob !! You are a traitor! You used me to guide you to Avantasia! Nooo ... And knew the intentions of Lugaid! How stupid! He played with me ... and followed us ... sure that infamous undesirable has followed us ... traitor…nooooooooooooooo! Gabriel! What is happening to you? Calm down!! Remember the advice of the tree... The light is my guide, light is my guide ... Yes, this is not true, it is a hoax ... And if Jacob was a traitor? If Jacob was a traitor my mission would understand why. The betrayal would be a consequence and would hide the truth . Gabriel, that hatred away, expel it from tiiiii !!! (Said to himself. The truth is hidden!! But where!!


ESC 13: An unexpected encounter

OFF: Sewer Rome, facing one of the gateways to Avantasia ...

-        CAMERLENGO: Today seems to be my lucky day. Blessed are the eyes, monk ...

-        JAKOB: Camerlengo, but ? You here.

-        CAMERLENGO: It seems not you glad to see me, father Jacob. But your presence here I substantially facilitates my job. He was scheduled to meet in Mainz with the monks from your order ...

-        JAKOB: Where are the Pope and the imperial retinue of Bishop?

-        CAMERLENGO: Do ​​not waste time for them, are in the custody of ... our almighty lord. Worry about you! Tell me everything you know about Avantasia!

-        JAKOB: We're in the same boat, Camerlengo. Both wish to introduce ourselves as saviors to Mr. ...

-        CAMERLENGO: Well, well, Brother Jacob ... Let's go, let's go back to the Monastery ... there is all that remains for me to know this story. Along the way you will tell me absolutely all the details of this story ... I am convinced that no obviarás any inquiry, truth Brother Jakob?

-        JAKOB: Eh, but Camerlengo ... Those who were involved are at the stake or fled ...

-        CAMERLENGO: How they fled? Who?

-        JAKOB: The Druid who tried to avoid arrest Witch Elsa Vogler and Gabriel Laymann, the young novice who was also in contact with the book ...

-        CAMERLENGO: You will surrender accounts to the Holy See for this slip, Jakob ... The novice ... .. Gabriel ...

-        JAKOB: Yesss ... shortly before he was arrested asked me to help him ... Apparently, his sister is locked in the Tower of witches ... But I do not remember the details of your file ...

-        CAMERLENGO: You're not telling me anything you do not already know the sheriff and, therefore, the Bishop Bicken ... A rush !!! Let'S Get Going! We have to question her before they do. They did not take long to pass this door. We must seize the imperial entourage is in Avantasia, Maguncia is still unguarded ...


ESC 14: The Solitude of Gabriel. Somewhere in Avantasia.

-        GABRIEL: But how tidy everything I feel? What to do now? I do not know what I should do ... Anaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am suffering for you, I will not forget you, love. But I can not go look now ... Jakob needs my help ... I've seen goodness in those murky waters ... He is not a traitor ... is despair, are similar factions which had during the trial Vogler Elsa ... Elsa and Lugaid! Lugaaaaaaaaaaaaaid !!!

-        GABRIEL: Elderane !!!! I have to talk to Lugaiiiiiiiiiiiiid! I have to go back ... !!!

-        ELDERANE: You forget too soon your friend Jakob, Gabriel. Not appear to have understood the meaning of the views of the lake ... Make up your mind already!

-        GABRIEL: Ehhhhh, yes! Jacob, yes! What, what happened to me?

-        ELDERANE: Is the power of the Tower ... try to confuse to dissuade ...

-        GABRIEL: Yes, I see something dark in this wasteland that clouds my judgment, Elderane. When I think I understand what happens here, I instantly feel in an ocean of ignorance ...

-        ELDERANE: I feared Gabriel, your kindness is your worst enemy. The evil that lurks in the Tower does not want you to fight for free your friend prefers you to focus on your feelings ... that lead you inexorably ... Ana ... Your weakness is your victory.

-        GABRIEL: Yes, hopefully someday forgive me for taking so long but ... if I return to rescue Ana will act to satisfy me, not because of the goodness ... So tell me how to help Jacob, Elderane!

-        ELDERANE: I hope not mistaken you, Gabriel. What I'll never reveal it I told Lugaid, he does not have that selfless determination that resides in you, Gabriel. The Jacob you saw at the lake lives. Your soul is kidnapped in the catacombs of the Tower. In one room, protected by an untamed beast, a chalice where reside the souls that have been captured by the evil of the Tower is. She seduces who, at some point in their lives, they made the mistake of being overcome by the difficulties of this mysterious life. La Torre is fed from the ashes of the fallen to expand its power with fatal vehemently ... Humans are branches (stubble) that life nourish dry thirst for death ... Only someone pure, full of life and goodness may have convinced him front and (pour the cup) free the soul of his fellow ...

-        GABRIEL: It's, you tell me this amazing Elderane, but it makes sense ...

-        ELDERANE: Remember that both goodness and evil act of mimesis ... Kindness is not granted because the giver feels powerful and vanity is their misery. If you grant Gabriel, you who will end up in that chalice. Do the right thing and have faith that others will emulate. That is to display a path. That's Avantasia.

-        GABRIEL: When you return, Elderane, you will tell me this wonderful story from beginning to end.

-        ELDERANE: Sea Regin.! Follow him.

-        REGIN: Yes, Lord! (No praise, with conviction)

-        GABRIEL: Regin !! But perhaps dangerous ...

-        REGIN: Gabriel, you're just a beautiful soul, not a Titan. You'll need help. Follow Me!

-        GABRIEL: hehehehe yeah ... .Let!

-        REGIN: And fast! An hour here on Earth are 24 ... that’s why the avantasians live much, my friend.

-        GABRIEL: What ???? But it has not been much, no?

-        REGIN: More what remains ... The right time for the messengers of evil can wreak havoc on Earth ...

-        GABRIEL: hmm, who? ....

ESC 15:

OFF: Around the Dominican Monastery of Monks of Maguncia ...

-        JAKOB: My Guard lost them through this forest. They were combing the area for days and found no trace of them ... as if they had faded into the mist.

-        CAMERLENGO: Go go ... you telling me that the novice and his guardian angel are gone, are they just disappeared ???

-        JAKOB: What you said ....

-        CAMERLENGO: (proud) volatilized, Jakob! I volatilized!

-        JAKOB: No, just that, no ...

-        CAMERLENGO: So what?!! Say it!!

-        JAKOB: Ehhhh ... .

-        CAMERLENGO: Run, they have already arrived. There is no time. We must interrogate the girl before them.

-        JAKOB: Yes ...


ESC 16: The Chalice of Agony.

OFF: Deep in the Tower ...

-        REGIN: Gabriel is here.

-        GABRIEL: This place is disturbing ... seems strangely quiet. Do not know why I have to face me in there but I am determined to carry it out.

-        REGIN: Gabriel, you have to be very careful and ... let nothing come out in there unless you turn around the cup. Evil must remain locked; whether it would doom ... That means that if something happened, I would close the door from outside and would stay trapped forever. Now you depend Vandroy care ... without it your body would explode in hours. Gabriel Laymann disappear in both worlds and your legacy in this life would be reduced to a fairy crib ...

-        GABRIEL: I appreciate your concern, but I'd appreciate Regin you left that fateful tone of poetic prose and give me encouragement. You are a peculiar kind, Regin. It would be a shame to fail and stop listening to your warnings ...

-        REGIN: Pour the wine from the chalice and releases the damned souls ... I advise him.


ESC 17: The Neglect of Lugaid ...

-        LUGAID: "That's Regin, a little kindness always helps to get the win"

-        GABRIEL: "If the illustrious Lugaid Vandroy! Long time no hear your voice! You'll be taking good care of me, eh ???

-        LUGAID: Absolutely boy! Come on, you're the chosen one, Gabriel. You'll get it.

-        GABRIEL: My heart tells me this is going to end well, see you soon, man !!! "

-        LUGAID: So long, boy!

-        MILITARY: One moment, you heard that voice ...? Come from ...

-        LUGAID: Oh nooo ...

-        MILITARY: Hey you ??? !!!! What are you doing?

-        LUGAID: Ehhhh, where, I missed .... You know how you get to ... ???

-        MILITARY: Is it the druid that Bishop commanded to jail the day they arrested the Witch !!! Come over here !!! Come on, when Bishop and the officer you see, we are licensed jejejejeje

-        MILITARY B: Neither you say it, a big booty ...

-        LUGAID: "Elderane, I made a terrible mistake ... they caught me and have acted as you indicated me ..."

-        ELDERANE: Damn, Lugaiiiiiiiiiiiiid !!!!! Now the chance is the owner of destiny ...

-        MILITARY A: this witch speaks alone ...


ESC 18: The liberation of souls.

-        GABRIEL: Regin, is the time! Open the door ...

-        REGIN: As you command ...

-        GABRIEL: What imagined, evil is so cowardly that always hurts in the back when you least expect it ... There is no beasts ...

-        REGIN: Do not trust, Gabriel ...

-        GABRIEL: (The Chalice, there is !!!

-        REGIN: Good luck ....


-        GABRIEL: Light is my guide, light is my guide ... the light is my guide There is nothing, guide me light. That frees me from evil ... The light is my guide ... Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhh, arrrghhhh, come on! A little further (in crescendo the guttural sounds) Light is my guide ...) I symbolize the light .... Arrrrrrghhhhh !!!!

Let’s go! Come here and you'll be free again ....



ESC 19: The final Judgment.

OFF: Maguncia. Monastery of the Order of the Dominicans. Witches Tower. Anna Held cell.

-        JAKOB: (feels strange, as if in pain gut, like vomiting all himself ...) Camerlengo. It's her. Anna Held, the sister of Gabriel Laymann novice ...

-        ANA: You….miserable traitor (with voice and grime body, newly awakened of big hangover) ... again ... what you've done with Gabriel ??

-        CAMERLENGO: Gabriel will not return, young lady. He fled. He ran ... Now let's focus ... What you know Elsa Voggler ???

-        JAKOB:... grrrr ... .ehhhh falls to the ground .... Arrrrgggghhhhhhhh ... what happens to me ???? Ahhhh ...

-        CAMERLENGO: Oh wow ... what happens now to our dear friend???

-        SHERIFF: Holy Father, Bishop! This is ...

-        POPE CLEMENT: Inconceivable!

-        BISHOP BICKEN: jjajajaja ... but look who joined us ... Camerlengo and ... Jaaaaaaaaaaaaakob ... .. !!!! What have you done, viper ???

-        CAMERLENGO: I ignore it, he was troubled suddenly ...

-        SHERIFF: What we're going, we do not care. Get out of here (grabs sword, fx metal). She is our ...

-        CAMERLENGO: Holiness, we've all been through it. Glory be shared ...

-        MILITARY: Hahahaha, glory is our ... Look who we bring, Bishop Bicken ....

-        ANA: Dadddd!!!!!!


ESC 20: The sacrifice of Regin.

-        REGIN: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaabriel, Careful !! Run faster !!!!

-        GABRIEL: I can not, Regin. I do not know what happens. I told you, evil does not respect the rules ...

-        STONE TOWER VOICE: Arrrggghhhhh !!! You are ... going to die .... (Fx air ... pokes him with a stone)

-        GABRIEL: Arggghhhhhhh, Reggggggggggggginnnn argggggggghhhh

-        REGIN: Ohhhh, Gabriel! Damn! (... it helps ... take the key ... You gotta get out of here ... you're doomed to live ... (entertains the beast) You vile beast, you will not escape ... your power erode as they become liberated those souls ...

-        GABRIEL: Regin careful, you're too close ...

-        REGION: Run! You are close .... And close the damn door ... .arrrrrrhhhhhhh (pokes him well stoked, takes it left to the wall and bounces down ...) Close the door, Gabriel. We have won.

-        GABRIEL: Reeeeeeeeeeggggggiiiiiinnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!

-        TOWER VOICE : Nooooooooooo ... (guttural ... fading).


ESC 21: The Resurrection of Jacob.

-        SHERIFF: Give me that key, Camerlengo!

-        CAMERLENGO: That not even dream, filthy vermin!

-        POPE CLEMENT: Camerlengo, you're in no position to demand anything. Be careful as you have always been. I understand you want to be you who signed the covenant with Almighty God ... But that only belongs to the Pope, dear friend ... Sheriff.... Delete it

-        SHERIFF: Yes, Your Holiness!

-        JAKOB: Nooooooooooo !!!!!!!!! He pushes and thrusts the sword !!

-        POPE CLEMENT: Inconceivable !!! Fray Jacob has been redone and killed the sheriff (disbeliever)

-         LUGAID: The curse finally claimed his reward ... "you will see the blood spurt out of thy bowels ... I swear." Dear Elsssssssssssssa ...

-        SHERIFF: Arggghhhh predicted that witch ...

-        BISHOP: Falkkkkk...

-        JAKOB: (Picks key Camarlllllllllllllengo and frees Ana sword in hand .. This is over. Ana is not going anywhere ... Enough of blood.

-        BISHOP: But Jakob !!! She has the answers we seek.

-        JAKOB: this madness, Johann von Biiiiicken is over. Or do you prefer threading you like your arrogant acolyte???

-        POPE CLEMENT: Brother Jacob is right, Johann ... Let's leave it at that ... except one ... Camarlennngooo ... have longed more than they could aspire. Your clerical career is over ...

-        LUGAID: jjajajaja ... yes, it's over. ¿But, how it happened? It is ...

-        ELDERANE: Lend your voice, Lugaid! I relate what happened ...

-        LUGAID: Elderane, how no friend! My air is your voice ... The young novice Laymann Gabriel has beaten your God ... The Tower that dominates Avantasia no longer hides no evil ... Gabriel has beaten your God with the same weapons as you atribuitted to him... goodness , determination and generosity ... has won this game by putting their faith in the values ​​they believed correct, not in the name of God. The man grew to God based on fear, and the value of seeking truth has defeated ... though it cost him his life ...

-        ANA: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!! Gabriel !!! Nooooooo .... It can not be !!!!! Gabriel, you have to be alive !!!!!

-        JAKOB: I do not know if what you say is true or not ... but I feel alive. Her kind spirit has infected my soul and has tempered yours ... I know ...

-        LUGAID: Yes Ana Gabriel is waiting. You know where ...

-        ANA: I understand ...

-        JAKOB: Sure ... he, his soul is

-        LUGAID: Yes, scoundrel ...

-        JAKOB: I'm sorry, I hope someday you can forgive me for what I did to your wife ...

-        LUGAID: I doubt you can get to forgive ... but I do not avenge for it ...

-        JAKOB: I wish I could thank Gabriel for saving me.

-        ANA: If Brother Jakob, I'll give it ... Soon! I have no choice ...

-        LUGAID: Ana Nooo !!! Do not do that !!!!! Ana, my daughter, please ... Think ... Do not ...

-        ANA: no longer makes sense to be here longer ... It's time to return


ESC 22: The appearance.

OFF: 7 months later ...

-        LUGAID: On second thought, it's over as planned. The world is safe from evil, the doors to Avantasia still open ... and books at home Elderane, governor of Sensidbana and spiritual leader of Avantasia ... I must admit that the Elderane’s plan out was not bad at all ...

-        ELSA: And that I had my doubts. My father is very smart but somewhat reckless ... Gabriel's soul is in Avantasia but Regin is irremediable loss ... He was her best friend, that pain will bring with him all his life.

-        LUGAID: Been a long time coming, dear Elsa ... I thought you were going to change to another ... I see ... more ...

-        ELSA: Bella perhaps? Do not be a fool, Lugaid ... At this point in life that counts is on the inside ...

-        LUGAID: You have chosen a good body in which reincarnate your soul ... The avantasians not fail to amaze me ... (turning) ... Oh! Avantasians ... Ana ... How little she enjoyed ...

-        ELSA: Our daughter will be fine with Gabriel ... eternity is on her side .... But life ... dear Lugaid ... is for us ... .. !!!!!



Before our consciousness awakens, the survival instinct forces us to discover the world around. That vital instinct of knowledge is innate to humans. It does not disappear, it just slows. 
The dogma of faith is a brake that quenches the thirst for discovering the world giving us answers that hide dark motivations. 
A Quixotic attitude of letting knowledge instinct flow is to reach out for the light. Enter Avantasia is a travel on a rough, steep, sometimes tedious but rewarding luminous path. 
Discovering that path is based on doubting about everything. The will to discover that path is to set aside the assumptions made to free us from our conformism.
Philosophy is an attitude, not a discipline. It is the art of questioning adequately the world around us in order to find the right answers.


DAVID FERNÁNDEZ as Gabriel Laymann

JULIO VALVERDE as Lugaid Vandroy




JAVIER MONTERDE as prios Jakob

YAGOBA GUTIÉRREZ as sheriff Falk von Kronberg

ANTONIO VICENTE as bishop Johann von Bicken

VICENTE ORTIZ as pope Clement VIII

LETICIA ARENAS as off/narrator





ANTONIO MUELAS as The Tree of Knowledge


Gracias a todos los que han participado de alguna manera para poder llevar a la magia de la radio el mundo fantástico, espiritual y filosófico de Avantasia. Curiosamente este mes de abril AFM records ha reeditado en vinilo estos dos discos de Avantasia en los que se basa esta ficción sonora que hoy llega a su final. Puedes comentar la ficción sonora en facebook.com/elvuelodelfenixr3 o en twitter @vuelofenix_r3 con la etiqueta #Avantasia2Fenix ¡Saludos avantasianos!



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