Buen verano

Coney island 2

Os deseo un buen verano ....... y que los Dioses repartan suerte!!

playlist 9 de julio


Murmer - Track 2. (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

Isnaj Dui - June. (FBox Records)

Loscil - Halocline. (Future Sequence)

Accelra - Burial. (Future Sequence)

Marcus Fjellström - LM-109. (Kafkagarden)

Northern Valentine - Release. (Silber Records)

Tidal - Sounds of the Future. (Aguirre Records)

playlist 2 de julio

Library tapes

Library Tapes - I Made it For You. (Bandcamp)

Dublicator - Ancient Vibrations II. (Entropy)

Javier Toro - Vostok Fauna. (Organic Acustic)

Juan Matos Capote - Elefe (Modified AM Radio). (Entr´acte)

Black To Comm - Mirror. (De Stijl)

Martin Nonstatic - Parallel Thinking. (Silent Season)

Listening Mirror - That Boat Has Sailed. (Twice Removed Records)

Sismógrafo nº 200. Kenneth Kirschner


K. Kirschner - june 9th, 2011. (Eat, Sleep, Repeat)

K. Kirschner - october 2nd, 2011. (Eat, Sleep, Repeat)

(Nuevo trabajo de Kenneth Kirschner titulado Ratio. Fecha publicación: Otoño 2012).

(Kenneth Kirschner´s new album called Ratio. Release Date: Next Fall).

playlist 18 de junio

Damian Vallesjpg

Damian Valles - Movement III. (Experimedia)

Cycle~440 - Last Light of a Dying Land. (Twice Removed)

Jerome Faria - Decay I. (Enough Records)

Carterpillars Dressed in Their Finest - Subterranean Tide. (Pocket Fields)

Northern Valentine - Thousands Eyes. (Silber Records)

Bellows - Untitled #3. (Entr´acte)

Asher - 1. (Room40)

playlist 11 de junio

Isnaj dui

Kode9 & The Spaceape - Otherman. (Hyperdub)

Santiago Latorre - E1. (Foehn Records)

Amon Tobin - Dropped fron the Sky. (Ninja Tune)

Squarepusher - Drax 2. (Warp)

Isnaj Dui - The Last Will Become a Darker Grey. (Hibernate)

Good Weather for An Airstrike - Goodnight, Boogaloo. (Audio Gourmet)

Rambutan - Trapdoor to Infinity. (Aguirre Records)

playlist 4 de junio

Black to Comm

Black To Comm - Thrones. (De Stijl)

Marielle V Jacobsons - Cobaltb Waters. (Students of Decay)

Isnaj Dui - May. (Fbox Records)

Sowing Paranoia - Ambient 1. (Silent Season)

Helios. Nothing it can. (unseen music) 

Helm. Arcane Matters. (PAN)

Celer. Cantus Libres III (Celer Bandcamp)

play it at my funeral.... please.


playlist 28 de mayo


Pjusk - Skifer. (Glacial Movements)

Bellows - Untitled #5. (Entr´acte)

Crisopa - Planets with Lava Oceans. (n5MD)

I´ve Lost - First Fall. (Heart & Soul Label)

Monolake - Phenomenon. (Imbalance Computer Music)

Senking - Closing Eyes. (Raster Noton)

Herbstlaub - Remnants. (Entropy Records)

playlist 21 de mayo


Blancas + Calurano + Tolosa - Untitled Piano Piece (Sismógrafo-Escala netlabel).

Saffron Slumber - Sands (Sismógrafo-Escala netlabel).

porzellan - vienna (Sismógrafo-Escala netlabel).

Hildur Gudnadóttir - Prelude (Touch).

Anthea Coddy & Thembi Soddell - A Shut in Place (Room40).

Ryonkt - Troposphere Two (Twice Removed).

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Colour Changing Eyes (A Guide to Saints).



Jordi Giráldez dirige en Radio 3 'Sismógrafo', un programa que trata de profundizar en la escucha activa con diversas propuestas sonoras: Electroacústica, grabaciones de campo, nueva clásica, ambient, drone, dub..... pocas palabras, mucho mejor.
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